Why James Bond's next watch could be from this Omega Seamaster collection

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Seamaster, Omega unveiled a whole host of new models – all in summer blues
James Bond's next watch could be from this Omega Seamaster collection

Word of who will slip into James Bond’s tux may still be eyes only, but we’ve got some pretty good intel on what might be his next watch.

This week, Omega (Bond's go-to watch brand since 1995 and Goldeneye) declassified a 007-ready arsenal of high-spec Seamaster watches called the ‘Summer Blue’ collection. And as George Clooney and Naomie ‘Miss Eve Moneypenny’ Harris herself can attest, they’re all to die for.

Celebrating 75 years of Seamaster

In reality, the mission was less secret-agent and more whopping anniversary – the Seamaster has been around since 1948, meaning this year it’s hit 75 years in service.

For the date, we get 11 new watches across eight Seamaster models (allowing for straps), all with dials and details in various shades of this pristine Summer Blue, getting darker the deeper the watch can go.

If anything, the collection is a reminder of Omega’s adventures in water resistance. So at the head comes a pair of beach-candy, Simpsons-blue-sky blue Seamaster Aqua Terras with depth ratings of 150 metres; and down at the tail a pro-spec Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep with a water-resistance of 6,000 metres and a bluey-black, abyss-like dial. The cue here is the Challenger Deep, the deepest point on earth, to which an experimental Ultra Deep trio descended with explorer Victor Vescovo in 2019.

In between, there are some stunners. There’s a Seamaster 300 – the classic retro one – with a gradient blue dial that shimmers like the Aegean Sea and has sartorial summer smash written all over it; and a revival of one of Omega’s 1970s oddball dive watches, the heavy-set PloProf (good for 1,200 metres below). The original PloProf was a go-to for Jacques Cousteau and the French underwater research company Comex, and known for its gloriously weird asymmetric monocoque case and clever bezel-release device, both of which appear in the new watch, too.

The real Bond watch contender

Bond has been wearing Omega since 1995’s Goldeneye, turning most often to the Seamaster 300 M, recognisable by its helium escape valve at 10 o’clock and as the Prince of Wales’s watch of choice. In No Time to Die, Daniel Craig wore a desert-coloured version on a mesh bracelet that broke the internet.

The 75th anniversary 300 M picks up that mantle and brims with detail. It’s got a Summer Blue wave-pattern ceramic dial, a ceramic bezel with a Summer Blue enamel diving scale, and rhodium-plated skeleton hands and raised indexes, all filled with light blue lume. Kill those henchmen with style? Could work.

And the rest? There are two sublimely handsome versions of the Aqua Terra World Timer and a 600-metre water-resistant, highly serviceable Planet Ocean in the line-up, too, as well as a natty range of Summer Blue accessories.

The movement inside

As for the gubbins inside, tech-heads will be glad to know that all 11 of the new pieces are fuelled by automatic mechanical movements from Omega’s suite of bullet-proof Master Chronometers, that is, movements independently tested for useful things like anti-magnetism, accuracy and of course water-resistance.

And there’s a nod to collectors, too. Each of the new models has a solid case back (no exhibition case backs in sight), engraved or embossed with a special Seamaster 75th anniversary motif featuring a trident-bearing Poseidon and two seahorses.

The last detail’s curious, too. None of the new Seamasters is limited, where typically we might expect a run of 1,948 or 2,007, or something similarly contrived. Instead, they’re all set to be available for as long as production lasts. And how long will that be? Omega isn’t saying, but a year or two at least. More than time enough for a new James Bond to get to grips with them.