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Jack Harlow’s Ultimate Shopping Spree ($73,000,000)

Jack Harlow has an infinite amount of fake money to spend shopping online, but which luxury items will the American rapper pick from a personalised shopping list curated by British GQ? From hometown delicacies in Kentucky to some top shelf sports memorabilia, Jack’s spoiled for choice. Watch British GQ’s full episode of Shopping Spree with Jack Harlow to see which luxury items he splashes the cash on.

Released on 02/06/2023


So what you're telling me

is that inanimate gnome is worth the same amount

as this goat with a soul?

A gnome.

Gnome grew on me.

[hip-hop beat]

All right, listen here,

about go on a shopping spree, all right?

[notification rings] [hip-hop beat]

All right, so what you want know?

Let's do it. [keyboard clicks]

Private garden.

All right, so we got a gnome here.

296 pounds for some reason.

Yeah, I don't [dog barks] with this gnome, man.

If it was cheaper, I would consider it,

but [dog barks] this gnome.

Bro, shout out to the designer though.

Much respect to Philippe.

He did a good job on it.

I just don't like yellow gold.

I don't like brass.

I'm more of like a silver, white, gold guy.

Vortex IKON six person spa.

19,000 pounds.

That's something worth considering here.

[cash register dings] Whew, that's heavy.

[dog barks] jacuzzi's tough.

Fact, I've always wanted one.

In fact, I would take this one.

[Producer] It's got a six people capacity.

Is that too much?

Not enough, brother.

What the hell is this?

Female pygmy goat babies.

300 pounds each.

So what you're telling me

is that inanimate gnome is worth the same amount

as this goat with a soul?

I know enough about goats, especially pygmy ones.

Some areas, a pygmy goat

is like the perfect livestock animal.

Small, compact,

doesn't really burn through a lot of resources.

It's agile, which really helps to keep away

from predators and find food.

And you know, people don't know

that it can actually provide its owners

with milk and meat if needed.

I would eat the fuck out of this. Just pick one?

Fuck it, gnome.

Gnome grew on me. [cash register dings]

[hip-hop beat]

[Producer] Why did you choose

to call your collective Private Garden?

Private Garden?

I took a film studies class,

when I was a senior, taught by Mr. Kutz,

and we were watching Spirited Away.

There's a secret garden in the movie.

Was so attracted to it.

I don't know, certain aesthetic things

just make you feel good.

Texted my friend, Ace Pro, and I was like,

Man, what if we call our group Secret Garden?

He's like, Hmm, I like it okay.

And I was like, What about Private Garden?

He's like, That's it.

[Producer] Where did Moose Gang come from?

I think it was like 2011, 2012.

And everyone had a gang at the time, like by name, a gang.

Like Taylor Gang was massive.

And so I thought one of the crucial keys

to me being an artist, was gonna be me naming a gang.

There were a lot of animals already taken,

and I was like, Fuck it, moose.

[hip-hop music]

Fuck it, let's check out some transportation.

SOLO tank yacht.

71 million pounds.

Fuck the gnome, running this yacht.

Master suite, private terrace,

sky lounge, piano bar.

Yeah, this shit's sweet man.

I'd hate to sink this hoe.

I'm open to boats.

I'm not much of a water person,

but I'd ride a boat like this.

I'd like to get a boat like this in Kentucky.

[Producer] Is there any cool party

that you remember on a yacht?

Nah, I've never been on a yacht party.

I don't know if I've been invited to one.

I know Lil Yachty.

Kamaz Master Truck modified for dakar racing.

250,000 pounds.

[cash register rings]


That car?

The car.

Fuckin' get in the car.

We 'bout to race.

Yeah, I mean the one that appeals to me most,

of course, is a 13-liter, six cylinder turbo-charged engine.

Shit, I have no interest in this.

I'm not much of an extreme sports guy.

Even when people go fast when I'm in their car,

I'm just like, All right, bro.

I like a Jeep.

I'll drive a Jeep.

So this shit right here, no thank you.

1954 Porcupine racing motorcycle, 720,000 pounds.

It's heavy as fuck. It's not my vibe. [cash register dings]

My dad had a two year phase. I think he just had to get it

out of his system and then he stopped.

I like that it's vegan.

Now we're talking, brother.

Fusaichi pegasus horse.

59 million pounds.

What are they feeding this motherfucka?

[cash register dings] Won the 2000 Kentucky Derby.

Still alive?

How old do horses get?

All right, I'll take it. [mouse clicks]

[cash register dings] [hip-hop music]

Aw shit, some local items from Kentucky.

Let's talk pie, derby pie.

Yeah, this pie's ass. [cash register dings]

Me, I don't like chocolate in my pie.

If I'ma have a pie, it needs to be fruit in there.

Apple, carrots, pumpkin.

Is a pumpkin a vegetable?

In fact, lemme not shit on the pie.

It's one of our local delicacies.

It's gonna be around.

It used to be in my freezer.

Let's keep arguing.

Hot brown from the Browns Hotel.

20 bucks.

I'll put it like this.

This shit's delicious.

I would describe it as

like a bit of an open face turkey sandwich with bacon

and kind of a delicate, mornay sauce.

I think for me it's more local spots

I may have grown up going to.

Morris Deli, Barnes, Indi's.

All these little spots around town that are precious to us.

Ollie's Trolley burger, dressed with cheese.

Three pounds and 31 cents.

Now we're talking.

Yeah, I like Ollie's Trolley.

Just stop by.

It's an experience.

I think I've been to Dizzy Whizz more times,

but they're both good.

If I'm rocking like this

it's just a cheeseburger and a large fry.

I'm a simple man.

Bauer's candies, classic little Jessica's gift box.

13.59 pounds. [cash register dings]

What more could I say?

Some soft caramel coated marshmallows infused with cream.

I haven't tried these.

[Producer] Which one do you pick?

Ollie's Trolley burger dressed with cheese.

[Jack smacks lips] Yeah.

[hip-hop music] [cash register dings]

All right, let's check some white tees.

Yeah, this is nuts.

V-neck T-shirt, 440 pounds.

You're outta your fuckin' mind.

[cash register dings]

That ain't really my speed.

I'm not really a V-neck guy.

I think when I wear a V-neck and I look in the mirror

I feel a bit beta, but that's just me.

Sometimes it hits for certain guys.

Me personally, I don't know if I can do it.

I'm always having to protect my masculinity, you know?

Crew neck cotton T-shirt.

165 pounds.

Wow, I want 'em to grip me.

I'm wearing a white tee right now, and it's form fitting.

Rib tank, 80 pounds.

These are unbelievable.

Search white tee on Amazon and filter by the highest.

Ralph Lauren chest pocket Crew-neck tee.

6,751 pounds. [cash register dings]

This is nuts.

But outta all these options, I guess I'm going tank.

[mouse clicks, cash register dings]

[hip-hop music]

10 karat yellow gold, Louisville money clip,

almost 2000 pounds.

[cash register dings]

I mean, I'm sure she would appreciate this to some degree.

I'll put it like this.

Could live without 'em.

1965 Jaguar E-Type, 212,000 pounds.

Now we're talking, I would get this from my mom.

My grandpa sold Jaguars

and my mom worked under him, so they love Jaguar.

I like Jaguars too.

I just, they're a little bit small for me,

but I think they're gorgeous.

I would get this for my mom.

Let's talk about this damn Pablo Picasso pitcher

that is 76,000 pounds.

This hoe rips, might be shittin' on the gnome.

I feel like a museum might hit if you get blazed.

If you go in there loaded, it might rip harder.

Fuck it.

Prada sequin bucket hat.

912 pounds.

Don't want it.

I'll put it like this.

[cash register dings]

If you ever want to get your mama gifts, just be yourself.

Nah, fuck that. I would say the best thing you can do

is include a note with some heartfelt words.

That note will mean more to her than the item.

Here's the thing, I'm getting the Jag for my mom.

Simple as that. [mouse clicks]

[cash register dings] [hip-hop music]

Let's talk sports memorabilia.

Louisville Colonels 1950 home jersey, 225.

I like the Colonel Patch on the left sleeve.

I'm taking that shit.

All right, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson,

1992 All-Star game team-signed basketball.

7,495. [cash register dings]

You ever heard of Detlef Schrempf?

Fucks with 'im.

I wouldn't say I'm much of a collector.

Gilbert Arenas, authentic 2007 All-Star Game,

Agent Zero Wizards Tank, 325.

[cash register dings]

Gilbert Arenas, man.

What a shooter.

Love them.

Frank Lampard signed Chelsea, 2006, '08 football shirt.

Sold, brother, takin' it. [cash register dings]

I am a Chelsea fan.

You know, I'd say my two ones are soccer and basketball.

Or as you guys say, football.

Those are the two I grew up playing the most.

And those are my two favorite to watch.

I'm going, Frankie Lampard, signed kit,

big dog status, golden era.

Bring it here, I'll take it. [cash register dings]

[hip-hop music]

[cash register dings] [mouse clicks]

Well, that's it.

Thank you for watching.

Starring: Jack Harlow