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Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Star Will Poulter Answers Your Questions

‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’ star Will Poulter (Adam Warlock) joins British GQ in Actually Me, as he goes online to answer the internet’s questions. The British actor responds to questions from Twitter and Quora as well as replying to YouTube & TikTok comments and fact-checking Wikipedia. Marvel’s Will Poulter reveals what it was like to work with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy on the set of ‘The Revenant’: “Some crazy things went down on The Revenant… doing a scene that intense opposite Leo in particular. And he was so good and so real, that I kind of forgot that I was acting at all.” Watch the full episode as Will Poulter goes undercover with British GQ in Actually Me.

Released on 05/01/2023


Every six months to a year-ish,

I'll Google the actor with the eyebrows.

It's so funny that it's always this MF that pops up.

I mean every actor, a lot of actors,

the majority of actors have eyebrows.

So it is weird that just me comes up.

I'm trying not to do anything too eyebrowy.


What's up, GQ?

How's it going?

I'm Will Poulter, and today, I'm going

undercover on the internet.

It's actually me.

[music vamps]

Let's see some YouTube comments.

10 things Will Poulter can't live without.

Oh this is when I got to do, is that the same blue,

oh my God, I'm a big Arsenal fan, which can be tough.

I love them, despite all the pain they put me through,

and then Kieran Brett, it's more pleasure

than pain this year.

Wonder if Will truly believes Arsenal can win it all.

I do believe we can win it all.

I'm very excited, very excited.

I was at the Emirates yesterday.

I watched Arsenal beat Crystal Palace 4-1.

[Producer] Who's your favorite player?

Of all time?

It's Theirry Henri.

Current favorite player,

It's a tie between William Saliba and Bukayo Saka.

Oh it's Amelia!

Chicken shop date, who's so lovely.

Sojourn Destination said, so how did the date go?

Did they go out for them chicken nuggets?

We didn't go for them chicken nuggets, but I would love to.

I love chicken nuggets.

If I'm in an establishment where you can have a cheeseburger

and chicken nuggets, it's very hard for me to not get both.

By the way, a fried chicken sandwich,

I might even prefer over a burger,

which is kind of like a giant chicken nugget

in between bread, it's like a hybrid of the two.

Next, Amelia, if you're listening, I'm in.

But only if we order like, loads of nuggets.

Will Poulter talks the Revenant, Eyebrows of Satan,

MiotaLee, I'm not jealous of Will Poulter at all,

working with both Leo and Tom Hardy on the same film.

Must have been incredible.

Oh my gosh.

Some crazy things went down on The Revenant.

I think one of my favorite scenes to shoot,

I remember we had like an hour to get it.

It was just doing a scene that intense,

opposite Leo, and he was so good, and so real,

that I kind of, forgot that I was acting at all.


Zara Jay: Does anyone remember how funny Will was

on School of Comedy when he was a kid?

So brilliant.

My favorite episodes are any time we were doing Van Man,

or South African Security Guards,

with either my friend Beth Rylance or Max Brown.

Both of them are infinitely funnier than I am,

and it meant I just spent the whole day giggling,

and trying not to laugh,

which is kind of, the most fun thing.

Laura Lawson, who was my drama teacher,

I owe my entire career to that woman.

Fond memories of School of Comedy.

Hey, let's check Twitter.

Thought he hated this comparison.

So how did this happen in the end?

Knowing him, he must have done it for a reason.

I did do it, in light of some of the comparisons

between me and Sid from Toy Story

that were going around on the internet,

and I work with Anti-Bullying Pro and the Diana Awards.

I did it during anti-bullying week

to raise awareness of that organization.

So that was that.


Just need everyone to understand how cool Will Poulter

looked in Bandersnatch, okay?

Do you guys understand?

Look at that fucking hair,

and his pins, and shirt, and glasses.

Eighties icon.

I can't take really any credit for that,

'cause it's the very talented hair department,

and costume team, and I loved wearing the eighties stuff.

I was down for the dyed hair and almost like

a slight widow's peak going on,

and then ungodly amount of hair gel,

we're talking liters.


I could barely get through scenes

with Aston Chaudhry, and I said,

can you not look at me on this take,

because I don't think we're ever going to get it.

Please don't look at me.

He's insanely funny, that man.


With Marvel announcing that Will Poulter as Adam Warlock,

could I respectfully request that Disney finish

20th Century Fox's Chronicles of Narnia movies?

If they made a fourth one, I'd definitely be down.

I haven't heard anything, but I'm about.



If I could be part of another big franchise, I feel really

lucky to have joined the MCU, especially

aboard the weird and wacky Guardians train.

Maybe I'd say like, Black Panther, or The Avengers,

or something like that.

This one I'm scared of.


[music vamps]

Munawar Jamal said, wait till he finds out

the other actors are getting paid.


That's funny.



[music vamps]

Seeing clips from Will at Comic Con makes me so

excited to see him in Guardians 4.

I want to know what his experience was like

working throughout the film.

I had the best experience shooting Guardians.

The legacy cast, as they're referred to,

was so amazing to me.

Chris Pratt, in particular, really offered

a lot of advice, and helped me out in lots of ways,

but they are all genuinely so lovely.

Guardian set is just a hoot.

I think sometimes, on those like, really, really big

mega productions, call it, to step into them, walk around

in them, is a really kind of crazy immersive experience,

and I was blown away by lot of the Guardian sets.



What's a good thickening pomade to help me go

from now, to Will Poulter's style?

You look like you've got really nice hair as it is.

It's a lot shinier than mine.

I can't do that hair myself.

I wish I could.

I didn't do this hair.

Someone incredibly talented did this hair.

Can you recommend?

[Stylist] The Sam McKnight one's good.

The Sam McKnight Pomade is really good.



[music vamps]

Poulter began studying drama at the University of Bristol,

in 2012, before dropping out after a year.

Wait, 2012?

Is that right?

Oh my gosh.

That makes me feel quite old.

I mean, the dropping out part is a hundred percent true.

I always had an ambition to go to university

and study drama.

I was not certain of whether acting could be my long-term,

guaranteed career path.

And then I got offered The Maze Runner,

and that's ultimately why I left.

Thankfully I've been able to call myself

a full-time actor since

Now onto Quora, Quora, Quang, Cora.

[music vamps]

How did actor Will Poulter get ripped?

I don't really know what ripped is.

I don't even know if I got ripped,

but I did do a fair amount of training for it,

incredibly hard.

But I was very lucky I got to work

with an incredible team of guys.

Took me through the process of maximizing my potential,

in a way that was safe and natural,

and preserved my mental health through the process,

which I really appreciated.

I don't know if I arrived at ripped though.

I don't know.



[music vamps]

Jam, every six months.

That wasn't me, just shouting out a condiment.

This person's name, sorry, on Twitter, is Jam.

I was like, marmalade.

Every six months to a year-ish,

I'll Google the actor with the eyebrows,

just because I think it's so funny

that it's always this MF that pops up.

I've had so many people send me like, this image, basically.

It always baffles me that people send it to me,

and think I haven't seen it.

I can't control them.

They're there.



If there was an awesome Maze Runner 4 script

presented to you, would you be interested

in reprising your role as Gally?


[Producer] What would have to happen on the script?

I think Gally would have to be a bit nicer,

just for people to be able to put up with him.

Kid's grumpy.


Okay. That's it.

I am signing off the internet.

[music vamps]

Starring: Will Poulter