21 Best electric shavers in the Amazon Prime Day sale 2023 Tried and tested by GQ's editors

The best electric shavers in the Amazon Prime Day sale 2023: Tried and tested by GQ's grooming editors

Looking for the best electric shaver? We’ve picked out the best top models from Braun, Philips and more — now with early Amazon Prime Day 2023 deals

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How we test the best electric shavers

Where possible, our team of grooming experts included electric shavers that we've personally tried ourselves. We've tested budget and premium models from Braun, Philips and Panasonic on different styles and stubble lengths. Key to any electric shaver scoring our recommendation is its balancing of ergonomics, aesthetics and ease of use whether its owner happens to be a trimming pro or an absolute beginner. Elsewhere, we've looked at a combination of user reviews, specs, and features – combined with those years of grooming expertise – to pick the cream of the electric shaver crop.

Amazon Prime Day

The best electric shavers are just one category out of hundreds that make up the best Amazon Prime Day deals. That's right — Amazon Prime Day 2023 is upon us once again, which means that incredible discounts and tantalising savings are nearly upon us. We've got all sorts of guides to help you sift through all the very best deals that our experienced editors feel are worthy of your time. So with that said, here's a rundown on everything you need to know about this year's Amazon Prime Day sale.

Kicking off on July 11 and 12, Amazon Prime Day 2023 is one of the online retail giant's largest sale events of the year, with massive discounts applied to practically any product range you can think of — including some of the best electric shavers, beard trimmers, vacuum cleaners, gym gear, trainers, sex toys, and much, much more.

To help make Amazon Prime Day 2023 go as smoothly as possible, we've started to keep tabs on some of the best Amazon Prime Day electric shaver deals and sales, to help make your life that little bit easier. From the best rotary and foil shavers, to bang-for-buck bargains, there's something below for everyone.

When is Amazon Prime Day ?

Amazon Prime Day 2023 sees two full days of discounts going live on the site over July 11 and 12. During the event, massive discounts are applied to practically any product range you can think of. It can be a bit overwhelming, but fear not — our team of dedicated deal hunters are on the case, rounding up everything from the best Amazon Prime Day home and kitchen deals, to the best Amazon Prime Day grooming deals, best Amazon Prime day alcohol deals, and a heck of a lot more.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is one of the biggest shopping events of the year, with discounts on par with those found on Black Friday and the January sales. Over the course of two days, users will have access to thousands of bargains and slashed prices, across a near-infinite range of products, including the best Amazon Prime Day fitness deals, toothbrushes, mattresses, fitness trackers, and much more. Not only that but we've even put together a collection of the best Amazon Prime Day gift deals for treating those special people in your life. If you're in need of new gear yourself, you definitely won't want to miss out on roundups like the best Amazon Prime Day shoe deals either. You'll need to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of all those tasty discounts, mind.

But before we get on to that, if Jeff Bezos' gargantuan online retailer isn't your cup of tea, then fear not, for we've also rounded up some of the best alternative sales for those looking for something a little different.

How do I sign up to Amazon Prime?

Signing up to Amazon Prime not only unlocks the convenient world of free same/next-day delivery (along with Music perks, Photo storage, and more), but it will also enable you to take advantage of all those tempting Prime Day offers. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial, after which it'll set you back £8.99 a month. Ex-Prime members can also take advantage of the free trial, as long as 12 months have elapsed since the last subscription was cancelled.

Best electric shaver deals in the Amazon Prime Day 2023 sale

Prime Day is the ultimate event for anyone looking for a clean-shaven face — especially as almost every single electric shaver that we've tested below is included in the sale. We've seen more than 50% off select products too, which means that you could save a whopping pile of cash on a formally expensive purchase.

We've highlighted all the discounts where relevant below, to help you spot the best deals more easily. Bear in mind that prices can wildly fluctuate, especially with Lightning Deals (limited-time flash deals) thrown into the mix.

What are the best shaver brands?

As you should expect by now, the UK's best men's grooming brands hail from Germany, where precision, engineering and an unwavering dedication to quality shaving products reign supreme. Braun is the biggest name in the game, but there are a few other brands worth noting. American-made Wahl offers a range of affordable options, while Dutch-led Philips counterbalances that with a plethora of male grooming items that are worthy of space in your bathroom.

The best options will largely come down to your budget, the features you're looking for and if you have a particular affinity for a brand, but in our book, these are the only devices worth considering.

Are rotary or foil shavers better?

Rotary shavers are your traditional-looking trimmers with three pivoting heads that move in a circular motion and roll with the contours of your jawline, meaning you can quickly zip around your face and keep stubble to a minimum without much fuss. The larger surface area makes it a little tougher to reach areas around your ears and under your nose, but you can cut through the rest of your facial fuzz in no time at all.

Foil shavers, on the other hand, have a solid block of blades in a line and are worth considering if you have shorter beard hair that requires regular cutting down or you want to keep stubble around your neck or on your cheeks down to a minimum, replacing that dry shaver or trimmer you might be using to tackle edges. They’re also regarded to be better for sensitive skin, as they’re less likely to cause irritation or razor burn.

How do you use an electric shaver?

Still not sure how to actually use the best electric razors? It's ok, we all need to learn somehow. And learning from the best is probably a good way to avoid mistakes and skin irritation further down the line. “First off, you need to ensure your skin and stubble are clean,” says Mills. "Then apply a small amount of electric shaver skin prep cream and rub it into the skin and stubble you are trimming.

“Then start shaving from one side of the face and work your way around the neck and cheeks removing the stubble. Clean the blades during the process and allow the shaver to work. Don’t rush though, as this can cause irritation and pull your hair, causing you more grief the next time you shave. Once you have done those areas and are happy with how close the shave is, start working around the chin and around the mouth making sure you have shaved all the areas and got any small hairs. After you have shaved cleanse the face again and moisturise. Job done.”

If you're sporting a particular facial style like a goatee or something similar, you might need to grab a beard trimmer to keep the hairy bits tidy. We've got a rundown of our favourite beard trimmers, which you should definitely pay attention to if you're planning on experimenting with a new look.

Do you use shaving cream with an electric shaver?

Most electric shavers are waterproof, rechargeable and cordless, which also means they can be used in the shower and easily cleaned — and yes, that means they pair nicely with shaving cream too. We actually recommend using shaving cream or shaving foam with your razor, even if you’re shaving in the shower, as you can shave and wash off all in one go to reduce nicks and burn for irritated skin types, and we’re sure we don’t need to talk about how much easier it is to wash hair away in the shower drain than the bathroom sink.

Having said that, the main appeal of electric shaving is that it’s quicker and more convenient, so unless you have particularly sensitive skin, you might be able to get away with a dry shave that requires little to no lubricating or cleanup.

How often should you shave with an electric razor?

It can be tempting to whip the shaver around your jaw several times a week, but Mills advised us that the type of skin that you have will dictate how often you should shave. He told us, "It is down to how 'clean' you want your skin to look. Ideally, you want to shave every day but it depends on the rate of your facial hair growth. I wouldn’t use one on more than two days of growth as most shavers are not designed for much more than that. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to wait at least a few days in between shaves to give yourself time to recover.”

Do I need to clean an electric shaver?

We’ll always champion looking after your gadgets, but keeping your razors in good nick can transform them into life-proof grooming companions that you’ll never need to replace. It also reduces the chances of the blades dulling over time and causing nasty damage to your skin over the years. Mills tells us, “Most shavers have a removable foil head, from which you can tap out any hair after use and then you can use a bristle cleaning brush to get any bits that may be stuck. Depending on the model, most come with a cleaning oil which is good or you can use a spray cleaner and disinfectant such as clippercide to ensure a clean, sharp blade.”

You might be hoping that shaving in the shower will help clean the blades, but you definitely want to check out ones with dedicated cleaning stations, as the blades will need regular lubricating to keep a keen edge.

We’d also recommend slapping on some high-quality moisturiser once you’ve shaved, as the skin can quickly dry out through regular shaving. Facial cleansing and maintaining a solid skin-care routine are paramount to looking fresh and younger, but if you’re unsure where to start, check out our guide to the best moisturisers.

Can I use an electric shaver on my body?

We shouldn't have to talk about the hygiene issues with using the same device you use on your body as your face, but in case we do, you definitely shouldn't use the same electric shaver all over your body. In fact, we'd happily point you towards our best body hair trimmers article to learn about the best tools for that job. Unless you've already got stubble all over your body, these razors aren't well-equipped for a total groom where the sun doesn't shine, and you should definitely invest in the right tools if that's what you're keen on.

Can I still use an electric shaver if I have sensitive skin?

It's a major frustration for most men, but shaving on sensitive skin can be a real nightmare, so you'll want to find a razor that's going to be kind to your cheeks and chin while still getting the job done. Razor burn is when the blades create too much friction along your skin and can be a blight for anyone who is a little more sensitive, causing rashes, cuts and a nasty burn that we wouldn't wish on our worst enemies.

To combat this, top-end shavers use skin guards, unique blade designs or a strip that acts as a prepper to your skin before the blades approach to lift the hairs, slice them, and then move on without damaging your previous face. If you're prone to razor burn, we'd suggest investing heavily in the more expensive options, as they will be specifically built to tackle this problem, and cheaper models simply won't be gentle enough to get the quality results you're after.

Outside of that, we'd also recommend you pick up a quality moisturiser and shaving foam that can protect your skin, soothe any burn and hydrate your face to be more supple and resilient to frequent shaves.

How much should you pay for a good electric shaver?

Again, this is all down to your own personal financial situation and how much you really care about the top-tier aspects of electric shaving, but there are a few key things to keep in mind when buying. First off, we'd recommend spending at least £20-£40 if you're working on a budget, as anything cheaper will be scratchy, low quality and will likely require an upgrade in the near future. The best-placed product in this category is the Philips OneBlade. It's affordably priced, packed full of useful guiding combs and does a decent job of managing your stubble or shaping up beards, but by no means arrived armed to tackle your every follicle-related need.

If you're after a mid-tier option, anything between £40 and £120 is a solid option for keeping on top of stubble with long-lasting batteries, self-sharpening blades and a few extra features to improve the experience. Here, we'd point you in the direction of the Panasonic Multishape, a versatile shaver that can also double up as a toothbrush, beard trimmer and body hair groomer. If it's a dedicated shaving experience you're after, you can't go wrong with the Wahl Aqua Blade for value.

However, shavers can get pricey if you want the very best of men's grooming, so if it's the pinnacle of shavers you're after, anything upwards of £200 is what you should expect to pay. For this price, you'll get a kinder experience for sensitive skin, more robust, hair-decimating blades and extra utility like wireless charging stations, travel bags and replacement heads. Up in the heady heights of this price point, the top options will be the likes of the Philips Series 9000 Prestige, the Braun Series 9 or the Panasonic ES-LS9A. All three are among the best electric shavers on the market, but will often cost £250+ even in summer sales like the upcoming Amazon Prime Day event, so keep an eye on your budget.

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