30 Best men's cycling helmets 2023 Giro to Kask

The best cycling helmets for safer, swifter rides

A quality cycling helmet should be at the top of your accessories agenda if you’re going to get in on the two-wheeled commuter craze. From Giro to Kask, shop GQ’s pick of the best

While bike helmets at any price point should be road-tested and approved at an official safety standard baseline, pricier helmets will tend to have MIPS as standard and be made from hardier (yet lightweight and thus more aerodynamic) stuff. Also affecting price point is the ventilation you can expect from your helmet, with more inexpensive models tending to use a larger block of eps foam and incorporating fewer holes – not ideal for summer commuting.

Is it against the law to not wear a cycling helmet?

Although there’s no law that requires a cyclist to wear a helmet, UK road accident figures are a compelling enough cause to invest. Data from the largest cycling and helmets review to date (2016) found that cycling helmets reduce the risk of serious head injuries by nearly 70 per cent, and fatal ones by 65 per cent. Seems to us like reason enough to apply your pomade when you reach your destination, rather than fret about helmet hair.

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