17 Best body hair trimmers 2023 Tried and tested by GQ's editors

The best body hair trimmers for a tidy trim all over – tried and tested by GQ's editors

GQ's tried-and-tested guide to the best body hair trimmers to tidy up your chest, legs and everything in between

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How we test body hair trimmers

Where possible, our team of grooming experts included body hair trimmers that we've personally tried ourselves. We've tested both budget and premium models from the likes of Braun, Philips and Wahl on different hair types and body areas. Key to any body hair trimmer earning our recommendation is its balancing ergonomics, aesthetics and ease of use whether its owner happens to be a trimming pro or an absolute beginner. Elsewhere, we've looked at a combination of user reviews, specs, and features – combined with those years of grooming expertise – to pick the cream-of-the-body-hair-trimmer crop.

Where should I use a body hair trimmer?

There's a whole new world of manscaping opportunities for you once you buy a body hair trimmer, but where is it you should be using it? Mills tells us, “It's totally up to you, hair grows back so if you want to try something you can, and so long as you can deal with it being different for a short while, you can experiment as you go. The only thing I would advise is that skin on certain parts of the body is very different to your face, so take your time and make sure you check the blades on the trimmer to keep them clean and sharp.”

And Mills is right, you should experiment with what feels good for you. Your groin, chest and back are all places that get a bit out of control if not properly cared for, but there's not really a particular place that can't be trimmed with the right tool.

Can I just use a beard trimmer on my body hair?

While you could get away with using a beard trimmer on your body hair, we wouldn't recommend it. Beyond the (hopefully obvious) hygiene reasons, all-in-one body trimmers are specifically built to deal with body hair and will be more comfortable in delicate areas. Some products even guarantee no nicks on your nuts, thanks to their precision stainless steel blades. They’re often waterproof too, for easy use and clean up in the shower, while many have replaceable heads for optimum performance and hygiene. So if you've ever had the misfortune of a shaving mishap down below, you'll value the extra peace of mind offered by a dedicated body trimmer.

Can I use a body hair trimmer in the shower?

Waterproof trimmers are a dream if you hate having to clean up after yourself, but not all devices are made equal, and it's not always best to shave in the shower. "Always check on the operating instructions," Mills tells us. “Personally, I think it's easier and more controllable to trim dry hair and skin as wet hair can clog the blades and you tend to get a more even finish when the hair is dry. Also, you want to be able to see what you are doing, so depending on what you are using them for, it may be easier out of the shower.”

That being said, a quick wash, once you're done, will clear away the chopped hair for a fresh, clean look every time.

How do I clean a body hair trimmer?

You definitely want to maintain good blade practice by keeping them clean and sharp. Leaving them wet can result in rusty, blunted blades that can end up causing you headaches on your next shave. Mills recommends, “After each use, brush off any hair on the clipper and blades and then make sure they are dry by patting them with a towel. Really, you need to keep them lubricated and sterilised so use a spray cleaner such as clippercide, which will keep them in tip-top condition.”

Do barbers recommend using a body hair trimmer?

It can be a big decision for some men to choose to shave their body, and it's often down to your own opinions on how far you go and what you end up shaving. If you're a bit concerned, don't worry, as Mills told us, “It’s a personal choice and so there are no real rules with this. I think most of us do and it's a pretty normal thing nowadays.” And he's right. Manscaping isn't something to be dismissed, and taking pride in your body and cleaning up any unsightly hair can do wonders for body confidence and generally be more hygienic.

What’s the best way to shave or trim my body hair?

When it comes to sensitive areas, it also goes without saying that you should be slow and steady, even when using a guard. Skin can be pinched and nicked in rather unpleasant ways if you’re not careful. If you're using a waterproof trimmer or shaver, don't be shy about using shaving cream, which should help it glide through hair all the more easily.

Is it okay to trim body hair? How often should I trim it?

Of course it is, though if you'd rather not, then don't be pressured into it. But there's nothing wrong with wanting to keep things tidier — whether that involves protruding nose hairs or a more defined trim down below. As for how often, that depends entirely on how fast your hair grows, and how much you trim off in the first place. You'll have to experiment to see what works best for you. Bear in mind that if you go for a full shave, you can expect to experience itching in most cases until a few days have passed.

Should I trim my pubic hair?

We're hardly prudes over here at GQ, just read our guide to the best sex toys, but when it comes to your own pubic hair you should be sure to only trim what you want to trim. Curious about taming what lies below your belt? Just make sure you follow the advice in this article, and take things slow and steady to avoid any nicks or cuts. If you fancy a look that lies somewhere between '70s porn star and fully shaved, remember that many body hair trimmers do so at multiple lengths with good reason.

What about other men's grooming items?

Keen to tidy up everything you can? We don't blame you, summer is fast approaching and it's well worth getting your body squeaky clean to show off. If you're looking for more than just a shaved chest though, you're going to need a few more tools to get you going, namely a quality beard trimmer or electric shaver, a powerful hair clipper and some nose and ear hair trimmers for the full effect. Luckily for you, we've got guides on what to buy for each of those, so we recommend heading over there and learning about the best tools in the business. If it's specificity you're after, we'd point you in the direction of our roundup of the best Philips beard trimmers to find out what the kings of grooming can give you.

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