When is Prime Day 2023? Here's all we know about the summer's biggest shopping event

Get this year's summer Prime Day sale in the diary, so you're extra organised for all those top offers when they arrive.
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Bargain-hunters rejoice! Amazon Prime Day 2023 is here once again to bring you a boatload of savings on everything from a skin-lifting face mask to a super-sized new telly. Amazon's budget-busting sale is about to land online and it's about time you got yourself prepared with all the tricks to guarantee you don't miss out on all the deals available. It's the perfect time to grab a gadget gift for yourself or a loved one, or even just to top up on your grooming stores ahead of the summer.

Perhaps you've been saving up for a new fitness tracker to finally get onto that New Year's resolution or maybe you need an upgrade to your ageing beard trimmer, the Prime Day 2023 sale is one of the best times of the year – outside of the gigantic Black Friday sales – to get a hefty discount on something shiny and new. If you found Amazon's Spring Sale pleasantly useful for fulfilling your purchasing needs, then the upcoming Prime Day sale is the next level up, with previous years unlocking more than 60 per cent off everything from dumbells and laptops to 4K TVs and mattresses –and almost anything else you can think of for that matter.

If you're itching for a bargain to stock up on gadgets and potential gifts for later in the year, Prime Day presents the perfect opportunity for some happy shopping. But when is it? Read on to find out.

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When is Prime Day 2023?

Following on from last year's event, we now how an official date for Amazon Prime Day 2023, and it's soon. The deals will kick off online at one minute past midnight on Tuesday, July 11 and will end at midnight on Wednesday, July 12.

This marks the second year in a row that Prime Day has fallen back to the originally scheduled July date. Over the pandemic years, Prime Day was spread out over several months, jumping between November to some time in April. however, with the Prime Early Access and Spring Sales taking up those dates over the last 12 months, it makes sense to ring in the summer with some top-tier deals.

What is Prime Day?

Been living in a deal-proof bunker for the past decade? Don't worry, we'll catch you up. Prime Day is one of the most important dates in any bargain-hunter's diary, right behind Black Friday for its unrivalled ability to save you many, many pounds on your next purchases.

It's a two-day treat orchestrated by Jeff Bezos and Co to slash prices on some of Amazon's best-selling items – think Kindles, Echo speakers and Ring video doorbells – but also generally keeps prices low on everything else. No, seriously, there are massive reductions on things like Oral-B toothbrushes, fitness trackers, smartphones, nose and ear hair trimmers, bottles of whiskey and gym clothes, with some prices dropping by up to 50 per cent for the ultimate thrifty shopping experience.

In fact, you can do a general stock check of anything you need, like grabbing a bumper pack of Pespi Max cans or a new battery for your electric drill if that's where your priorities lie. Who are we to judge? In years gone by, we've seen Nintendo Switch consoles and peripherals fall by 30 per cent, the latest iPhones shed up to £180 and 4K Ultra HD TVs that would usually cost over a grand fall below £400, making it an excellent opportunity to save cash on pretty much anything, be that a treat for yourself or a loving gift courtesy of the biggest online store in the world.

How to sign up for Amazon Prime

As it's on Amazon, we'd recommend signing up for the Prime subscription service to get access to every single deal across the sale. You'll still find some decent offers, but the whole range of discounts won't be available to you, and you also won't get the free next-day delivery, which is honestly a lifesaver.

Signing up is easy and will cost you £8.99 a month or £89 for the year but you can get a free trial when signing up with an email address that hasn't already taken up the offer. Once that's done, you'll get speedy deliveries, more deals than your eyeballs can handle and access to Prime Video to boot. If Prime Day isn't really your bag, there are other sales running at the same time at alternative retailers, so why not check out the whole breadth of the internet for all those juicy offers?

How to make the most out of the Amazon Prime Day sale

By now you should at least be semi-aware of the penny-saving fiesta known as Prime Day, so many will be well-prepped and ready for some bargain hunting, but not everyone takes part in these often enough to know the trick to get the most out of the sale.

Prime Day, like almost every other online shopping event, requires a fair amount of patience, a willingness to do your research, and no little organisation before you get cracking. For the most part, it's best to know what it is you want to buy in the sale ahead of the event to avoid any lapses in willpower or distractions when you start to see the discount symbol next to a new washing machine or air fryer that you definitely don't need. We like to make a list of the things we're looking to buy before it all begins. Think: fancy new beard trimmer, alcohol gift set for dad's birthday, a portable BBQ for the summer getaway and a new phone charger.

Being aware of what you need ahead of time allows for some exceptionally efficient clicking and will reduce the levels of stress you might feel as you're inundated with deals upon deals. It's also worth taking a look well ahead of the event's start date to check to see if what you're buying is actually discounted compared to usual prices. Sometimes Amazon is sneaky and will steadily increase prices on must-have items in the lead-up to Prime Day so that it looks like a larger discount, so it's worth keeping a tab on what you're after to avoid overpaying.

What will be discounted in the Amazon Prime Day sale?

So what is it you can actually buy in the Amazon Prime Day sales? It would probably be far easier and quicker to simply day what isn't in the sale, because you'll find more than 40,000 products will have reduced prices throughout the two-day sale, with some even pushing beyond a 70 per cent drop to help make your new smart speaker, electric toothbrush or bottle of whiskey significantly cheaper.

If you're after specifics, we have a whole host of guides and roundups listed just below here to help you navigate the wide world of Prime Day deals, so we'd point you in the direction of those articles if you're so inclined to do a bit of light homework.

Elsewhere, it's everything you'd pretty much expect, from beard trimmers, vacuum cleaners, mattresses, gym gear, trainers, sex toys, TVs, headphones, air fryers, standing desks and almost everything else in between.

What are the best Prime Day 2023 deals ahead of the sale?

Enough of the info, what you're really here for is the deals, right? So what are the current best offers Amazon has stumped up ahead of the sale? Here are our favourite must-have items currently discounted at a glance.

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