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UFC Champ Leon Edwards Answers Your Questions

UFC Champion Leon Edwards joins British GQ in Actually Me, as he goes online to answer the internet’s questions. The English mixed martial artist responds to questions from Instagram, Twitter and Quora as well as replying to YouTube & TikTok comments and fact-checking Wikipedia. Leon Edwards reveals why his fighter nickname is ‘Rocky’, a homage to the popular boxing movie franchise: “I was the guy that always fights, so all my friends called me Rocky and then now I got into MMA and it makes perfect sense.” Watch the full episode as Leon Edwards goes undercover with British GQ in Actually Me.

Released on 03/13/2023


What's up GQ?

It's Leon Edwards here

and today I'm going undercover on the internet.

You may not believe it, but it's actually me.


Let's check Twitter.

Bellator's Fabian Edwards predicts he and his brother

Leon Edwards will become champions in 2023.

Okay but who would win in the fight between them?

I would say me, I'm the big brother so I feel

like I brought him into the game

so I could also take him out.

From a kid, we always like fought together, you know?

So I don't like look at him that way.

It's more just about him improving

and getting better and also achieving his dreams.

You know?


So @UFCDanaWhite, how does this make sense?

Leon Edwards took out Usman, yet he is below him.

[Leon sighs]

I don't know how it makes sense even to me, you know

like how'd he go from knocking someone

out cold and then him still being

above you in the pound for pound rankings.

But all that matters is that I got the knockout.

It's on TV and everyone can see it, you know?

So we all know he is the number one.

Leon Edwards might have the greatest

entrance song in the UFC.

[Leon laughs]

That's like that Dexta Daps I came up to last time.

I need that kind of vibe for me to go out there

and perform and to do my thing.

So shout out to Dexta Daps and to the Jamaican culture.

Kamaru Usman may have lost to Leon Edwards

but he still think he is the better fighter.

Like, you can think what you want to think

but the proof there, it's in the pudding.

And like I said, I'm the champ and that's it.

He keeps going around saying we all know who the champ is.

Yeah, the guy that knocked you out.

That's who the champion is, you know?

On Reddit.

[upbeat music]

How should I train to have a physique

like in Leon Edwards?

What do you think is workout routine

and diet are like, and how can I have it?

I would do strength conditioning three times a week

in training camp.

I'm also doing wrestling, boxing, kickboxing.

There's, there's a lot of work to be done.

My diet routine is just like fish, chicken,

rice, lots of veg.

Leon Edwards: Kamaru Usman trilogy on my terms,

has to happen in the U.K.

Leon deserves to have a fight in his country

because he earned it.

Can anyone from the UK tell us famous big Leon is now

and is paddy levels popular.

In the UK?

Yeah, for sure.

I'm the second UFC champion in history of the UK now.

So, for me to go back home now and sell out

a stadium show, it benefits everybody, you know?

Lots of guys coming up under me.

I want to use my platform to put more light in them,

you know, because they all want to build a sport.

Alright, let's see some YouTube comments.

The fact that his name is Rocky

and how the film is about a man coming

from nothing training hard being down, then pulling it

out spectacularly at the end.

It's actually so poetic.

Beautiful life poetry.

The name Rocky I actually had when I was in school

you know like I was the guy that always fights

and so all my friends called me Rocky.

And then now I got into MMA and it's made like perfect sense

you know, like, it is God's will for it to play out,

like play out, you know, for sure.


I doubt Leon was even thinking of throwing out

the iconic post fight interview.

[audience cheers]

[Leon shouts]

They all said I couldn't do it.

Look at me now.

He was just exhilarated, overcome with emotions,

but also vulnerable, and it just made everything

he said memorable as fuck.


Like, everything that I went through for the last two years

and all the doubts all just came out at that moment.

It was like, look at me now.

Like you all said I couldn't do it

and just look, I did it, you know?

And like even like now I'm getting

like goosebumps just like saying it.

Glad Leon is finally getting all the credit

that he deserves.

A lot of people wrote him off but a lot

of us knew that he was going to be a champion one day.

Hopefully he can avenge them sly punches

that Masvidal gave him.

That's a fight that right now it would be hard to make

because he's on like a three fight losing streak.

And like my career's doing this and his career's doing that.

So for it to make sense, it'd be hard, you know?

But there's a fight that's going to happen,

either on the street or in Octagon, you know.

Preferably in Octagon, to get paid.

But if not, I'll see him.

That's a fight that's going to happen, for sure.


On December the first,

Edwards officially tested positive for COVID-19,

and alleged lost 12 pounds due to the severity of the case.

Yeah, for sure.

Like I was meant to fight, I think it was Khamzat Chimaev

we were matched up,

and I started feeling like really weak in camp, you know,

and then one night it just like hit me and I couldn't eat.

I've lost my taste, so I lost about five, six kgs.

And obviously you have to like make weight for your fight

but you also have to lose the weight healthily.

So yeah, I had to like reschedule that fight.

Edwards began his professional career in 2010,

making his debut as an amateur in

Bushido Challenge 2 - A New Dawn.

And I fought Carl Booth.

That was my first professional fight.

It was like a, a local show in the UK where

all amateurs go through to hone your skills basically.

And it weren't nothing big, it's little warehouse

and at this point you fight for free, right?

You like you selling tickets to make money.

But yeah, a good little show that was around, it's not

I don't think it's around no more.

What's that say?

Quora, what's that?

Who would be Leon Edward's dream opponent, dead or alive?

Probably like, I want to say Bruce Lee.

Like any legends, I would probably say Muhammad Ali,

just for like how much I look up to him,

as an inspiration, as an idol.

And, how did the Leon Edwards beat Kamaru Usman?

By kicking him in the, in the head.


Not looking past me, but I feel like he wasn't as focused

as he should be.

Being undefeated for eight years, never been taken down,

that comes with a little bit of arrogance, you know?

I think he thought like, he couldn't be beaten.

And my sole objective was to go out there

and win the fight, you know, I had no other distractions.

Because like in fights, you can pick up

like little signs on that you can use and that's one

one of his things that he reacts big to punches, you know?

And we landed it perfectly to kick.

Besides UFC 278 Edwards versus Usman,

what is the best UFC fight of all time?

For me, I'd probably say Cain Velasquez Junior dos Santos.

Is it one or two when like you just battered him?

That's one of the fights I watch

because it's like the no quit spirit.

You know, just keep going, keep going.

That's one of the fights that I enjoy watching, you know.



I'm glad someone appreciates my fit.

Leon's fits are fire what's your style inspo recently?

I don't think I have style inspo.

I just like to be fly, you know?

I, I like to dress nice,

I like to like do fly stuff, you know?

So yeah, for some reason, the UFC fighters, they all dress

just like like hillbillies, like weird, you know?

But that's just like my culture.

I represents what I am, you know.

How's it feel, bro?

A month from being undisputed champion of the world.

Has it sunk in yet?

Now it has, you know, for the first month I like taking

my belt every everywhere and wearing it everywhere.

And now it's sunk in that I've finally achieved this dream

that I've been working for over 12, 13 years.

You know, through ups and downs, I've stayed true to myself

and dedicated my life to it, and I achieved it.

I think the belt represents all that, you know.

It represents your commitment to what you planned

that you wanted to do when you were 16 years old.

Did you think this was going to happen?

He must have predicted that head shot

I definitely did.

Even before the fight when Bruce Buffer's announcing

the fight, like, I did this, I don't know why I did that.

Like, that is random.

But yeah, you got a headshot, dead, out.

TikTok, my favorite app.

[Leon laughing]

This is the most legendary corner ever.

This kind of relationship with coaches must be rare.

Yeah, a hundred percent.

And like, in the fight game,

you get a lot of yes men around you.

They don't tell you that you're doing wrong,

just don't upset you.

So, I think my coach, he knows what to expect of me.

So when he sees I'm not performing, like Dave,

he's like a father figure to me, you know?

So yeah, he just saying like, what's up with you,

like fix up, like go out there and like you can't go

through all that and then come to this point

and let this fall through your hands, you know.

Just basically waking me up and yeah,

I took it on board and went out there and took him out.

Bro, what does this feels like for them?

I'm freaking out just watching.

At the time, you can't remember nothing that's going on.

Even after like the head kick

and I see like all the corner going crazy,

and my brother like hopping over the cage

and jumping on me and like,

it is like a surreal moment, you know.

Like everyone keep asking me, like, put it into words.

You achieving this goal that you set out to,

and becoming a UFC World Champion.

It's hard to like put into like a sentence.

Like what means to you, you know?

And you know, I did it from Birmingham

and I make it a point to do it

from the UK because I want to know

that the ripple effect that gives me motivation

and power to push through and get through the hard times

that's gonna happen one day and now, and it's happened.

Thank you for watching.

I'm signing off the internet.

[laptop closes]

Starring: Leon Edwards