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Rupert Grint Answers Your Questions

Knock At The Cabin actor Rupert Grint joins British GQ in Actually Me, as he goes online to answer the internet’s questions. The British actor responds to questions from Reddit, Twitter and Quora as well as replying to YouTube & TikTok comments!

Rupert Grint reveals some Harry Potter truths, including whether Alfonso Cuarón really asked Ron, Hermione (Emma Watson) and Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) to write an essay on their character in preparation for ‘Prisoner of Azkaban’. Watch the full episode as Rupert Grint goes undercover with British GQ in Actually Me.

Released on 01/30/2023


Did he always make the cast break character

when he did this?

That's how I expressed fear.

When I was, yeah, 13.

As the films go on, you see less of the kind of-

Hi, British GQ, I'm Rupert Grint

and I'm going under cover on the internet.

All right, oh.

[steady music] [keyboard clicking]

It's Actually Me.

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Let's check Twitter.

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Film Facts.

When Prisoner of Azkaban director Alfonso Cuaron

what to become acquainted with the leads of his movie,

he asked each to write an essay on their character.

I know where this is going.

Emma Watson wrote a 16-page paper.

Daniel Radcliffe wrote a one-page summary.

Rupert Grint never turned on in.

Yeah, that is true.

And I have to say, I was doing like, my GSEs.

I was doing some like, important exams at the time.

And also it's a very kind of Ron thing to do,

so I didn't do it. [chuckles]

It was kind of a big change when Alfonso came.

Everything kind of felt like we should be taking

it more seriously.

I mean changed a lot, he changed the design of the wands,

I really remember that.

Everything was kind of darker and a bit more kind of,

natural and he wanted to kinda dig deep into the characters.

And he gave this homework. [keyboard clicks]

[mouth whistles] Posted.

Is Rupert like M Night's muse now?

I wonder if they'll work together again.

Yeah, I don't know if I'd call myself his muse. [chuckles]

More his kind of, little [chuckles] bitch.

It's just a dream to work with him, he's great.

Well, actually he nearly did one of the Potter films.

I think he nearly did Potter three.

So I did meet him when I was a kid.

[mouth whistles] Replied.

How do you say that?

Quora, Quora. [steady music]

Does Rupert Grint have an ice cream truck?

I do.

It was my first car I learned to drive in,

an ice cream truck.

I always wanted one. [ice cream truck music]

It was my, kind of, my dream car.

And it's great.

The only problem, it only has one seat.

But I don't drive it much now, because there's just

something weird about driving an ice cream van

with no ice cream in it.

If I ever got pulled over

by the police or something, [police sirens]

it would take lot of explaining.

And actually the last time I drove it was

on the last day of filming Deathly Hallows, party

with a mariachi band and like served ice cream to the crew.

But the weird thing were, I had to like drive it home

on my own after we kind of wrapped.

Which was this monumental kind of new Headspace,

to finish something that was just so, kind of,

big part of my life.

Yeah I just remember driving in the ice cream van

on my own, kind of considering,

maybe this could be a career for me.

Maybe I could just be an ice cream man now.

[keyboard clicking] [mouse clicks]

[Producer] Did you get chased down by kids?

Yeah, I did.

It did happen a few times, yeah.

'Cause wherever you park it, people will queue up.

People kind of spot it was me and yeah,

it must have been pretty [inhales] surreal. [chuckles]

But, yeah, it's fun.

[steady music] [keyboard clicking]

Need Rupert or Matthew to confirm this.

Alan Rickman took them out for milkshakes during Goblet

and they spilled them all over his sports car?

God, I, yeah that does ring a bell.

Yeah, I mean, I can't remember the specifics,

but that's really trigger like, quite a vivid memory.

Had this quiet, intimidating presence.

A lot of people lived in fear of him.

He was just such a friendly guy.

I really kind of think of him as like

a strange kind of uncle.

Kind of really looking out for us and he was, yeah,

I do miss him. [keyboard clicking]

[steady music]

I wonder what their first impressions were of each other.

They seemed to get on straight away.

Yeah, we really did.

We just had fun and we just kind of went with the flow.

And I remember when that photo was taken,

that was shortly after we were cast.

We never fell out.

You never know how it's gonna go,

you're kind of thrown together.

Multiple screen tests with lost of different Harrys,

different Hermiones.

I do remember when all three of us were together in a room

and it just seemed very easy,

it seemed like we knew each other forever really.

Yeah, we had fun.

Next. [steady music]

Wonder who Rupert's top five drag queens are?

Minus Jinx, obviously.

This is very, I went to their dressing room

and it was insane.

They kind of half-dragged my face, it was yeah, good times.

Let's do a top three.

Jinkx Monsoon, Silky Ganache.

Yeah, it was Sharon Needles.

Sharon Needles. [mouse clicks]

Back to Twitter.

Did he always make the cast break character

when he did this?

Or were the directors telling him what to do?

Yeah, there's a lot of face stuff.

That's how I expressed fear, when I was, yeah, 13.

Really kind of leaned on the big kind of grimace.

And it was definitely encouraged by Chris Columbus.

He loved it. [mouth whistles]

The films gone on like you see less of the kind of-

I can still hear Chris Columbus's voice.

He would talk you through the takes.

So obviously a lot of the time we're

kind of seeing nothing there.

I mean I can see one there, we were in the flying car.

And a train is coming towards them,

so we can't see the train.

So he's always describing what we're seeing.

[mouth whistles] Probably encouraging me

to go kind of bigger and bigger and bigger,

until you've reached that level.

Which is probably the highest level of fear [chuckles]

that's possible for a human face.

[mouth whistling]

My TV came with a free trial to Apple TV+

so last night I stayed up late watching Servant,

which I had been interested in for awhile.

Really enjoying it so far.

Nice to see Rupert Grint do a darker, dramatic role,

he's so talented. [chuckles]

His American accent isn't too bad either.

Oh, thank you @melabonbon.

Yeah, Servant.

Psychological horror that's only like half hour episodes.

It's all set in this one location.

Once Harry Potter finished it was a real journey

of kind of exploring, just seeing what I wanted to do.

The accent is a tricky one, I do enjoy doing it.

Actually, the word, baby, is one I really struggle with.

Which is unfortunate, 'cause it comes up a lot

in a show about babies. [mouse clicks]

[mouth whistles] [steady music]

Let's see some YouTube comments.

[steady music]

If Rupert is full on arachnophobe,

how on earth did he manage filming

with all the spiders in Chamber of Secrets?

Talk about hell.

Well the giant ones don't have the same effect.

It's the kind of little ones that can get in your clothes

and kind of crawl all over you.

At one point they were going to use a real spider

in a scene and we did a few tests

where they put one on my leg.

I had a full on panic attack and we never did it again.

Got better now I'm a dad, I kind of force myself

to deal with them, still very much one of my biggest fears.

[mouse clicks] Posted.

[steady music]

Ah, yes.

Ron Weasley may be a Griffindor,

but Rupert Grint is a Hufflepuff.

Yeah, that's true.

I did the thing where they, it's this whole algorithm

of like quite complex questions

and it sorts you into kind of the house you're kind of

most suited to and I was Hufflepuff.

Which I was kind of disappointed about.

It just doesn't have the same glamour as even Slytherin.

[mouse clicks] Replied.

[steady music]

Rupert would be such a good villain,

maybe DC like the Joker?

What kind of villain roles would appeal most to you?

I don't know if there's many ginger villains.

Yeah, I would like to do a villain, I think.

Joker's yeah, I mean, that's a tricky one.

I think I've got quite a good

[Joker cackling] that smile for something

[chuckles] in that world.

[steady music] More Quora.

Is Rupert Grint the voice Postman Pat?

No, I'm not.

I was in Postman Pat: The Movie.

Well, I had to sing in that movie, actually.

Did a song called Struck By Lightening

and it was heavily auto tuned.

I used to think I could kind of hold a tune,

but clearly not.

You can barely hear that it's me.

[mouse clicks] Next.

What did Rupert Grint keep from the set of Harry Potter?

Quite a few things, actually.

I have the tie that you get before you get sorted

into your house.

And my Griffindor tie.

The last days of shooting there was like security

was like, they were hot.

So they really didn't want you to steal anything.

But I did get away with a few things.

I took Harry's door number of Privet Drive.

I had to unscrew it with [chuckles] little piece of gravel.

Very shady, actually.

I've like a piece of the chess piece.

The thing that Dumbledore leaves all our characters

in his will, so I got the deluminator.

Which is this thing that like, turns off lights,

in like a magical way. [chuckles]

[keyboard clicking]


Time for some TikTok. [steady music]

I'm sorry, how does one get into taxidermy?

Yeah, I do have that jar.

That doesn't really kind of do it justice.

The jar of taxidermy mole butts.

It's labeled mole asses, molasses.

It's kinda like a stupid pun.

It was a gift, I didn't actually buy that.

I've got an ostrich skeleton, full size.

Go through, kind of, phases.

Pottery was one.

I used to carve crayons, like heads into crayons.

And beekeeping is another thing I've recently got into.

That's a good one.

I have a lot of downtime.

[chuckles] So I- [chuckles]

[keyboard clicking] [mouse clicks]

I'm signing off the internet.

[laptop clicks]

[steady music]

[Producer] That was great.

[Producer 2] That was great. That was good.

Sweet. I'm happy.

Cool yeah?

Perfect, thank you.

[steady music fades]

Starring: Rupert Grint