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Extraction 2 Star Chris Hemsworth Answers Your Questions

‘Extraction 2’ star Chris Hemsworth (Tyler Rake) joins British GQ in 'Actually Me,' as he goes online to answer the internet’s questions. The Australian actor responds to questions from Twitter, Reddit & Quora as well as replying to YouTube, Instagram & TikTok comments and fact-checking Wikipedia. Having portrayed Thor in 11 Marvel projects to-date, Chris Hemsworth answers plenty of Marvel related questions, including what it was like to be a pivotal player in The Avengers: ‘I remember being in Rome on the press tour for Avengers 1… I think Scarlett [Johansson] was there. Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Tom Hiddleston was there, and we were all up late one night having a drink, talking about it with Kevin Feige and a number of other producers and kind of pinching ourselves, going “this is incredibly special and kind of a once in a lifetime opportunity.’” Watch the full episode as Chris Hemsworth goes undercover with British GQ in 'Actually Me.'

Released on 06/14/2023


What's up, GQ, I'm Chris Hemsworth.

Today, I'm going undercover on the internet.


It's Actually Me. [upbeat music]

[keyboard typing]


This is from R Comic Books.

Chris Hemsworth feels next 'Thor' film may be his last.

You have this birth of a hero,

the journey of a hero, and the death of a hero.

Yeah, look, I don't know.

I don't know if I'll ever do another 'Thor' film.

Where would you go?

I feel like I've been lucky enough

to play different versions of the character each time.

And if I was to do it again,

I'd love to drastically change it

and do something that was very unexpected.

[keyboard typing] YouTube.

[upbeat music]


What does Chris plan to do

while taking a break from acting?

Any new hobbies?

And the headline is,

Chris Hemsworth talks life-changing revelation.

I didn't have a life-changing revelation.

I mean, I found out that I had a genetic predisposition

for being in a high risk category for Alzheimer's,

which is way, way down the track.

It was just an indication for me

to take certain steps, and live a healthy life,

and give myself the best chance.

Like most of us.

And, yet, the headline's got kind of mashed up there.

I was taking time off the same time

that that interview happened.

So, it sounded like I was taking time off because of that,

which wasn't the case.

I've just been hanging at home with my family,

surfing, enjoying a bit of downtime

and reading a bunch of scripts at the moment,

trying to find that next thing to get back into.


Erica Fernlund.

Hang on!

So a textchain only for 'Avengers'?

You're not leaving Tom [Loki] out, are ya?

Yeah, cause he's not an 'Avenger'.

But I text Tom on the side,

we have a, you know, good friendship,

but, um, yeah, 'Avengers' textchain.

Sorry, Tom.

Oh, who's the funniest 'Avenger' on the textchain?

I'd say Don Cheadle's hilarious.

Downey, you can't get past his kind of wit

and sense of humor.

Renner is just a cheeky bastard.

Scarlett has a wicked sense of humor.

Mark Ruffalo is hilarious even when he is not

trying to be hilarious.

Chris Evans, just, just another Chris really.

And, uh, there's nothing really to say about that.

I love Chris Evans.

I mean, they're all pretty funny.

Netflix sent the Ikorodu boys cameras

after that viral video,

but never thought they'd be this good. Can you confirm?

They did send them cameras.

Those kids are amazing.

They did the most impressive trailer I've ever seen.

We should not have just sent them cameras.

We should have got them to direct the film.

Ooh, maybe the third one.

Hmm. We should, we should invite them to the premier.

They should definitely be coming.

Netflix? [bell dinging]


Chris, why don't you invite Ben surfing

so he doesn't have to take his shirt off?

So, Ben Affleck on Chris.

I'd love to come.

I'm hoping one day Chris will invite me

to come down and stay at his place

as long as I don't have to take any shirtless pictures

next to him.

Well, he, he, he can come surfing.

Ben, come surfing and keep your shirt on.

Keep it all on.

Let's keep it above board and, uh,

we'll put a wet suit on you buddy. Don't worry.

[computer mouse clicking]

Now, onto Cora. [keyboard typing]

[upbeat music]

How would you rank the 'Thor' movies

from dope to the dopest?

Ooh. Oh, this is tricky.

'Ragnarok', I think was my favorite experience.

And 'Thor' One because it was the first time

I ever played the character,

and it was the launch of the whole Marvel experience,

and kind of my career.

So, I hold them both in very high regard,

and I love the other two.

The other two were fantastic as well.

And then the 'Avengers' movies,

which have all been remarkable and insane.

And I don't think any of us knew what it was gonna become.

I think each of us were making our solo films.

Not sure if we were ever gonna make another solo film,

or even be a part of the 'Avengers'.

And then when that all came together,

I remember being in Rome

on the press tour for 'Avenger's One and realizing,

ooh I think this is gonna work

and I think people are gonna love it.

And I think Scarlett was there.

Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Tom Hiddleston was there,

and we're all up late one night having a drink

talking about it with Kevin Feige

and a number of the other producers,

and kind of pinching ourselves going

this is, this is incredibly special

and kind of a once in the lifetime opportunity.

[computer mouse clicking]

TikTok. [upbeat music]

No name says They weren't twins?

Not twins. No.

So no. We're about six, seven years apart.

The first time I ever really was recognized

when I came out of the 'Star Trek' premiere

and someone ran straight up to Liam and said,

oh, I love you in that movie. That was so cool.

Can I get a photo?

And he looked over at me

and he was about to say, Oh, I'm, I wasn't in the movie.

And he went, Yeah, absolutely. I'll take the photo!

And then, and stole my moment.

I've been recovering from that ever since.

Anyone know what he is doing

to achieve a stress proof life?

What are the rules I must always follow to be stress free?

I'll give you some tips.

I'm certainly not an expert.

I'd say healthy habits, healthy choices

exercise, movement, mindfulness, nutrition, sleep.

Surround yourself with wonderful people.

Stay positive, have goals.

I find the more I can surround myself

or put myself in situations where I'm immersed

in something that I truly love and I'm passionate about,

that keeps me pretty stress free.

Dawn Hof. Wait, what? Was that never his real hair?

Dreams crushed.

In some of the films it was my real hair.

'Thor' Two was my real hair.

'Thor' One was a wig.

'Thor' Three was a wig.

And then they cut my hair.

Mostly it's wigs though, sorry.

[computer mouse clicking] [keyboard typing]


Lord Lorry and the February hush.

I really fucking hope the Chris Hemsworth

Hulk Hogan movie are still getting made.

I've spoken to Todd Phillips about it a few times

about making it

and, and we've both had pretty wild schedules.

There is a, a film there, and a story

which could be really exciting and fun,

which we're both, I think, pretty enthusiastic about.

But who knows?

It, it is still in this sort of ether of possibilities.

For me it's, it's less about what roles I wanna play

and more about who I wanna work with.

I just finished shooting the new 'Mad Max' film.

A prequel to 'Fury Road' with George Miller,

and working with someone as talented as George Miller,

and someone who has that much experience,

and knowledge, and fascination with the process, and story

and characters, that for me reinvigorated my enthusiasm,

and now I just wanna work with the best filmmakers possible.

All right, The Showstopper says

You have been kidnapped

and you can only call one person to save you.

Who are you calling?

Chris Hemsworth or Gerard Butler?

Who would you choose?

I have no choice but to call Gerard Butler,

'cause I'd be on the same end of that phone call

and still be kidnapped.

So help, Gerard, help.

[computer mouse clicking] [bird chirping]

They all said Gerard Butler.

Well, you're all gonna die.

You know, well done.

You should have chose Chris Hemsworth.

How about neither of us?

How about you call the real action hero?

'Cause both of us, we just pretend.

Wikipedia. [keyboard typing]

He has said my earliest memories

were on the cattle stations up in the Outback.

And then we moved back to Melbourne.

Certainly most of my childhood was in Melbourne,

but probably my most vivid memories

were up there in Bulman.

My auntie and uncle ran cattle stations

in Northern Territory,

and my parents took us up there,

we lived with them for a while.

Then we moved to a indigenous community in the Outback.

And they were the most, as I said, they're vivid memories.

I have, I kind of had a different idea

of what I wanted to do when I finished school,

or when I grew up.

Every week, I'd think, ah, I wanted to do this,

and oh, maybe be a sports player.

I wanna be a, a cop, or a lawyer, or a doctor.

And then I realized I was probably seeing

all these different characters

and experiences on film or in books,

and, and wanting to sort of live out different experiences

in a very vivid manner.

And then when I was finishing high school,

I did a film and television course, and acting course,

and fell in love with it and realized,

oh, I could, I could pretend to be all these characters

if I was an actor and I could inhabit all these other worlds

and basically just continue to play dress up

and be a big kid forever.

And that's what it is for me.

That's what acting's about.

Tapping into the younger, innocent, creative,

explorative version of yourself.

And that's what I'm so thankful for

is just the constant creative journey experience

I get to have.

Well, that is it.

That's my undercover experience.

Finished. Thank you GQ.

I love ya.

Starring: Chris Hemsworth