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Anthony Joshua Answers Your Questions

Two-time heavyweight boxing champ Anthony Joshua joins British GQ in Actually Me, as he goes online to answer the internet’s questions. The English professional boxer responds to questions from Reddit, Twitter and Quora, as well as fact-checking Wikipedia and replying to YouTube comments! Anthony Joshua reveals the secrets to “being like AJ” when asked via Twitter. “You can do it in your bedroom. It’s about making do with minimal,” Joshua explains. “From a mindset point-of-view: reading, resting, routine — make the most out of the environment that you’re in”. Watch the full episode, as Anthony Joshua goes undercover with British GQ in Actually Me.

Released on 12/12/2022


You want some coffee?

Hey, I said where my money, man?


It's Actually Me.

What's up, GQ?

I'm Anthony Joshua,

and today I'm going undercover on the internet.

Let's check Twitter.


Anthony Joshua, hi.

How are you, Kerry?

Our school project to inspire readers,

would you be good enough to name your favorite book

from your childhood

and why you liked it so much?

From my childhood?

Remember, Kerry, I get punched in my head,

so to rack my brain and go back is quite challenging.

One that comes to mind is The Avocado Baby.

It was about this baby, right?

And it ate avocado and just become a beast.


And one I can remember,

moving forward into my teenage years,

is 48 Laws of Power.

I remember I worked as a security guard.

There were like some gangster family I met.

The guy one day at a set of traffic lights and was like,

Hey, you.

Come work for us.

You seem like a switched-on kid.

And one day he asked me to take his car,

so I turned on the CD and it played 48 Laws of Power,

and then I saw that certain things he was doing to me

are the things he was listening to

in the morning on his way to work,

kind of manipulating me mentally.

So that was the first book I read what got me into reading,

and they say readers make leaders.


What is Dilian Whyte saying to Anthony Joshua?

This is LoveBoxingTV.

What's he saying to me here?

Bruv, can you see I'm in Black Air Forces, bruv?

I'm not messing about with you, you know, bruv.

I want that fight.

No, I'm joking.

Dilian's cool.

Dilian's only messing about.

This was just after his fight with Fury,

and he's just explaining to me what he had been through,

and from that picture,

it looks like he's putting me under pressure,

but I'm under no pressure there.

I'll still smoke Dilian anyway.



would you rather fight 100 duck-size Anthony Joshuas

or one AJ-size duck?

Chat shit, get quacked.

I would rather fight one size duck Anthony Joshua,

just one boom left hook,

hopefully they go down and stay down.

Imagine 100 little mini mes running around

nibbling at my ankles.

It would do my head in.

You're stronger in numbers.



if you had to pick who to fight

between Tyson Fury or Dilian Whyte,

forgetting belts,

who would you want to fight more?

If I'm gonna erase my memory,

imagine Men In Black.

They come with that torch.

Dilian Whyte.

It has to be Dilian Whyte.

South London, North London,

Fury's good but he's a Manchester boy.

I think Dilian,

he has more swag in general,

but he's come up short a few times.



if England were playing against Nigeria,

who would you support?

Well, I don't even follow football,

but if I was to,

it'd have to be Nigeria

because in my household that's the heritage.

If you understand that culture,

you'll know why.

When I go see my auntie or I go see my mom,

Hello, auntie, how are you?

Really, do you want a drink, auntie, yeah?

When I'm with the boys, it's like,

Hey, bruv, get outta the seat, bruv,

do you know what I'm trying to say?

Know your audience.

Know your environment.

Know where to show respect.



how can I be like Anthony Joshua without going to the gym?

So first of all,

I'll give you the physique element.

You can do it in your bedroom.

It's about making do with minimal.

Press-ups, burpees, star jumps,

core exercises,

squats, squat jumps, lunges.

From a mindset point of view,

reading, resting, routine.

Just make the most of the environment you're in.

I only moved out of my flat like two, three years ago.

I felt like I was able to conquer the world

in a two-bedroom flat with me and my mom living in it.

It all starts up in here.


[Interviewer] How much of your life do you think

somebody needs to dedicate to actually do it?

Not long,

but it depends how much time they put in.

I started when I was 18,

and then I became Olympic champion at 21.

Ho do you prepare for Tyson Fury?

Anthony Joshua,

shadow box at Tesco self-checkout.

I swear, once a fighter,

always a fighter.

You could be in a restaurant and hear a bell ding,

you start shadow boxing.

How do I prepare for Tyson Fury?

What I do,

I go back in history.

I watch other heavyweights that I fought,

taller opponents,

opponents that are elusive.

Also watched a coach who's training Tyson Fury,

how he prepares his fighters,

and then I'll also watch Tyson Fury from a mental standpoint

and understand where he's weak mentally,

and I'll combine it all together and go in there

and do my best,

give it my best,

and I'm sure that should be enough.


How has boxing improved other areas of your life?

Along with the success of boxing and becoming champion,

I've had to go and do certain things

outside of my comfort zone,

so I've had to like read books and better my English

and represent myself a bit better

because growing up,

I was a street kid.

I was very respectful at home,

but I loved being out and about causing trouble,

and all of a sudden,

now I'm this role model after winning gold at the Olympics,

so I put myself under a lot of pressure,

but it actually helped me become a better human being.

I think after boxing,

I'll be able to do acting

because I've done a lot of like commercial work.

I understand what production teams want.

I'm quite comfortable in front of the camera as well now.


[Interviewer] What role will you go for?

I wouldn't limit myself,

but it'll probably be more romantic.

I don't know how much success I'll have in the film industry

because I don't know how good my American accent is.

[Interviewer] Can we see your American accent?


How you doing, AJ?


That's pretty good!

You want some coffee?

Hey, where's my money, man?

Hey, I said where my money, man?



El jeffe198,

who asked who to take photo?

I actually asked them to take the photo.

They were kind enough to give me some time.

I spoke to them.

They're trenched in English culture.

What a great day.

I was there to collect an OVE,

if I can remember,

and the person behind the camera was my mom.

It was a lovely family day.


All right, let's see some YouTube comments.


AJ's body workout is green tick,

but how does AJ work out his mind?

Need a list of things to read and listen from him.

I like the fact that you like the workouts physically,

but obvi you've learnt the importance of the mind

and reading,

for example, Think and Grow Rich,

Rich Dad, Poor Dad,

and there are loads of podcasts as well.

This morning, I actually listened to The Boss Podcast.

There's not like one topic where it's like,

We're gonna talk about sports today.

It's sitting down with the guest

and being open and frank about your life experiences.

So first thing in the morning,

I got a little speaker and I'm just listening

to what people are going through in life,

and you never know what life's gonna chuck at you.

I do take in a lot of wisdom from listening to podcasts.



what do you hope you're remembered for in and out of boxing?

I feel like in sports,

we're easily forgotten unless you become this super,

super duper iconic legend,

and that's a challenge in itself,

so one of my main goals in sports is to be

a successful businessman,

show people how to create longevity

from their career in the ring.

You're making your bulk of your income

while you're competing,

but once that stops,

your payments don't,

so through my experiences and my business etiquette,

I'll be able to pass it on to other athletes

because boxing's a small industry,

and hopefully they can all do well

and support their families long after boxing

because honestly,

I wanna be remembered from the people that I've helped,

like people I've actually impacted.


[Interviewer] What's something

that maybe people don't know about you?

Okay, I don't look at boxing as what I do for a living.

I try and say what do I do for existence.

What makes me feel like I exist on planet Earth is

resting well,


trying to reach my higher self,

and that's what boxing done for me at the start,

made me become a cleaner person.

It's more than just getting in the ring and throwing hands.

There's a lot of stuff that come with it.


I think that's how you say it.

What else is missing to make AJ versus Wilder happen?

All this what else is missing,

let's look to the future.

That was the past why it didn't happen.

It would definitely happen.

I always say we're in the same division,

we're in the same era.

That means the fight has to happen.

2023 is looming.

It's a big year for boxing.

We're all at the top of our division,

and that fight will definitely happen

and bring a lot of light to the heavyweight division.



How would Anthony Joshua do in the UFC?

I would get my ass kicked.

All credit to them guys,

but it's not my profession,

do you know what I mean?

And I'm going to respect them guys

that have spent their years putting in time training,

grappling, wrestling,

stand-up, take-downs, submissions.

It's like them coming over to boxing.

I know I would smoke them as well.

[Interviewer] Have you ever been interested

in martial arts?

Well, I did try judo when I was younger.

Very challenging and when you're like 10, 12,

the last thing you wanna be doing

is getting flipped in the air

and landing on your head and stuff like that,

so I stopped.

Time to fact-check Wikipedia.

Personal life:

Joshua has expressed an interest in chess

as well as reading

as a way to reinforce his boxing and tactical abilities.

He was a bricklayer before taking up boxing full-time.

Everyone is a laborer.

That's what I loved about boxing when I started is

that it had a crossover.

When I was a bricklayer,

I started off waking up 5:30 in the morning,

be onsite by 6:30,

and start cracking on at 7:00.

Boxing was the same hustle.

I'd be up like 4:00 in the morning,

go running by 5:00 and training at 11:00 and back

and then training at 5:00 and then back,

and that's the same hustle I'm on now,

so bricklaying is quite similar.

Yeah, lots of funny stories about bricklaying back then.


If I'm honest,

there's no similarities between chess and boxing.

The only thing I would say is the concentration,

staying in it from the start to the finish,

even when it gets tough,

trying to find a way to win,

and then I could probably say planning your next move,

but boxing's unpredictable.

It's a matter of millimeters,



Chess is more strategic planning,

and you've got the time.

His overall favorite team was Real Madrid Football Club

because of Cristiano Ronaldo,

as Ronaldo was a Real Madrid player at the time.



Personally, I don't really like films.

I'm not massively into sports,

but I just like certain individuals.

Ronaldo embodies that hard work and discipline.

I feel like that's what I base my success on.

I'm signing off.

[slow rhythmic music]

Starring: Anthony Joshua