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10 Things Paul Mescal Can’t Live Without

Aftersun’s Paul Mescal joins British GQ in 10 Essentials. Paul Mescal breaks down his ten essential items: from his Adidas x Gucci Gazelle trainers to his Nikon FM1 film camera. Watch the full episode of 10 Essentials with Paul Mescal, as the Irish actor reveals 10 things he can’t live without.

Released on 01/09/2023


We tread softly holding each other's dreams. [laughs]

If that's not the most mom quote of all time.

Hello, I'm Paul Mescal and these are my 10 essential items.

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[graphics beeping]

[upbeat music]

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Aftershave, Le Labo Another 13.

I bought this for somebody's wrapped gift,

but they weren't on set in the last day,

so I stole it for myself.

How would I describe that?

[sniffs] Hmm.

[sniffs] Mm.

Delicious. [laughs]

It just smells nice. Like I'm...

I don't think I'm the person who can, like,

it's the same with like wine or smells,

you know, when you like meet people and they're like,

This is a very full body, rounded red.

I'd be like, What are you talking about?

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I'm working on the play currently.

I'm trying to, like, put Marlon Brando's performance

out of my head as much as possible.

It's obviously one of the great, great performances

so it is terrifying.

The notes that I write in the script

are normally from, like, early in me working on it.

So they're normally just questions.

They're rarely like...

I'm worried that this is gonna just sound like

an acting masterclass, but I'm like, it just isn't,

they're normally just questions that I have

about why the character is behaving the way that he is.

What do I have written early on?

What? Oh, my handwriting is rough.

[Staff] Yes, I couldn't understand

what you wrote. What? [chuckles]

This is what I'm getting from, What we thus so about.

I have no idea what that means.

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Berocca, need I say anymore.

It's an essential.

The Berocca should be, like a daily thing that I use,

but I normally use it when I start to feel sick

and then it's too late.

My mom was big into like green juice, Berocca, vitamins.

Do you remember the gummy bear vitamins?

I graduated out of them.

Unfortunately, I was told I was too old

to be eating gummy bear vitamins.

I think they need to make, like, gummy bears

except for adults

or I should just be comfortable eating gummy bear vitamins.

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My rings.

I've got my signet ring that I got as a Christmas present,

and this Cartier love ring

that was given to me as a gift from Cartier.

Very precious to me.

I always like when I have to take them off for work,

I'm always in a blind panic

if they're not in exactly the same position

that I left them often.

I've shot in them quite a bit, which is nice.

But yeah, sometimes gold might not go with the outfit,

although I'm never really aware why it doesn't or does.

But people who know more about fashion

tell me what to wear sometimes.

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My Nikon FM1.

I like to take photographs

of, like, people that I love and care about.

It's like a way of kind of scrap booking

or documenting my life.

It's an excuse to take photos of my friends really.

Andrew Scott who I recently worked with gave me great advice

about posing.

He said like you walk up, put your hand in your pocket

and then you kind of lean back.

[camera clicks]

I use it all the time. [laughs]

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Worry stone that my mom gave me.

Dunno what that says about what she thinks about me,

but there's like a adage inscribed on it

and a cheesy quote that says,

We tread softly holding each other's dreams. [laughs]

If that's not the most mom quote of all time.

It's not even particularly soothing to, like, rub it.

Like, isn't it a thought that counts?

[Director] How do you tackle stress?

I've started going to therapy.

Highly recommend it to people.

So yeah, therapy's good.

It's probably better than the worry zone,

but also just structure,

good friends, good people in your life.

Yeah, it all helps.

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They're pretty battered.

They're like new, well, they're not new anymore.

I've, like, worn them into the abyss

but they're like the new Gucci Gazelles, which I love.

I have, like, these guys as well. [grunts]

Style over comfort or comfortable style,

I would say comfortable style.

Some of the stuff you have to wear in shoots,

I just would, like, never wear

because they're, like, they look cool,

but I don't feel like they're particularly practical.

Whereas these I think are like cool and comfortable.

Shoes are supposed to be worn,

like, you can't keep shoes clean.

I'm deeply suspicious of people

who keep their white trainers clean for a long time.

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I cannot do wireless headphones.

I just feel, like, they fall out of my ears.

They're not particularly practical.

Even though these are probably not less practical, but...

Call me old-fashioned, but I like...

[buttons clicking]

People who play music out loud in public,

like, special place in hell for those people, I think.

[laughs] No, I wouldn't expose people

to what I'm listening to.

The anxiety of being DJ at a party,

I will defer to other people on that front.

I have a playlist for Stanley at the moment, which is there.

So I have Robbers, the live 1975.

Then I have Lullaby by a band called Low, pretty sad.

And Stay Down by Dan Reeder.

[upbeat music]

[graphics beeping]

Had this hat for a long time.

It's been nearly lost on many occasions to my distress.

I've like a pretty big head,

so hats aren't normally my friend.

I don't remember getting it, I just remember having it.

It's like a lucky hat for me now.

Like, I'll always wear it on the first day of a job.

I'll wear it like most days.

But, like, if I don't have it on the first day,

I'm, like, first day of a new job, I'll freak out.

I feel like it's a better superstition

than, like, the same pair of underwear.

It's like pretty clean. [laughs]

I saw somebody screaming at me

for wearing a New York Yankees hat

because they obviously supported a different team.

But I'm just clarifying that I've no affiliation

or I do not support the New York Yankees,

I just like this hat.

[bright upbeat music]

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Sun Bum. [laughs]

I think it's just sea salt.

Like, it's like water and sea salt.

My hair styling technique is shower, stick some of this in,

throw my hands through my hair

and then just let it be the way that it wants to be.

Pretty minimal, like, grooming routine.

Trust The Bum, it says.


[group laughs]

[bright upbeat music]

Yeah, so these were my 10 items.

Thank you very much for watching.

Starring: Paul Mescal