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10 Things England’s Declan Rice Can’t Live Without

England’s Declan Rice joins British GQ in 10 Essentials, ahead of England’s FIFA World Cup campaign in Qatar. Declan Rice breaks down his 10 essential items: from his Adidas Predator Accelerator football boots — originally worn by David Beckham — to his PlayStation controller used for going toe-to-toe in FIFA 22 with his West Ham teammates. Watch the full episode of 10 Essentials with Declan Rice, as the England & West Ham midfielder reveals 10 things he can’t live without.

Released on 11/21/2022


Shall I open it?

[Director] Yeah

This ain't good.

I dunno why I've even got this.

It's like my mom's purple, look how bad that is,

hairbrush, oh but this ain't recorded, is it?

Is this recorded?

What's up, GQ?

I'm Declan Rice and these are my 10 essential items.

[upbeat hip hop music]

Football boots, something I can't live without,

can't do my job without.

And these boots here are my favorite boots of all time.

Old school Predators Accelerators,

worn by famous David Beckham.

I can't describe when I look at this boot,

what you feel like.

They don't make football boots like this anymore.

Growing up these were the boots that were around.

These were what my brothers used to wear

and as obviously as I've got older,

they become harder and harder to get.

So they have to make remakes.

These are actually the originals,

but at the moment I just wear these in training.

I wanna keep 'em fresh.

They're in good condition so.

And they're really hard to get now and expensive.

So, yeah, no.

[Director] What's the biggest influence in football

that you've ever had?

Of course, Beckham's one,

being who he is, massive idol for this country.

What he done for England, the caps he got, you know,

what he achieved in his career, he's an icon.

Also, one of my favorites growing up was John Terry,

always wanted to do what he'd done on a football pitch.

I tried to replicate him and now I've got

a good relationship with with him off the pitch,

it's pretty surreal because of what he'd done

for Chelsea and what he done for England as well.

My next essential item and these are essential

are my favorite sweets, Squashies.

As soon as we finish this, these are getting opened

and I'm eating 'em.

They just taste so good and I'm just a big lover for sweets

to be honest with you.

You can see my face talking about sweets.

It's just, yeah, it's a big craving of mine.

I won't eat these every day so when I do have 'em

it's like a little treat to me.

Before games there's actually sweets

around the change room you can have.

Sometimes I'll pick up a handful of them

and we'll have some before the game.

I was going to ask you if you have a sweet tooth

but obviously you chose this.

I've got a toothache is what I have got at the minute.

I loved Skittles as a kid.

And then as I've got older, they started to bring out

more and more flavors like a sour packet.

I think when you go to America,

there's this purple packet you can get as well,

which is just, they're unbelievable.

I'll tell you what you've gotta try and do

for people watching.

You've gotta put a load in your mouth at once,

chew 'em all together and then you get

a little ball of Skittles and it tastes so good.

That's how an experienced Skittle eater. [laughing]

My next essential, my hat,

obviously this is one of many.

With this hat, I just like the look of it.

I like the print of it at the front.

White and black as well, which goes with everything.

Since I've kind of grown my hair long,

I've been wearing my hats backwards all the time.

I just prefer that look at the minute.

[Director] Is it ever under any circumstance

acceptable to wear a hat sideways?


I don't think it would fit on my head sideway,

it wouldn't fit, look.

Imagine walking out like that, that's impossible.

Even just the feel of it, nah,

I could never do that ever.

If I ever wore a hat out like that,

I'd expect one of my friends

to just tap it off me or something.

Just keep it back to front and keep it simple,

that's how I do it.

My next essential item is my phone.

Something I can't live without.

Even though it can be annoying that I'm always on it,

it's just my life, social media, business, work.

It's how my family contact me, my friends contact me,

if I didn't have my phone I'd, yeah,

I dunno what I would do to be honest with you.

[Director] What's your screen time?

It's bad. It is bad.

I don't wanna go into that

because I've been getting, it's actually funny,

it's a funny story because at football

we all sit there around the table

we go what's your screen time, what's your screen time?

And we sit there and work it out.

And even one of the boys last year had to delete Instagram

because his screen time on Instagram was so bad.

But yeah, my screen time is bad.

I've been collecting watches for years now.

It's a big hobby of mine, a big passion.

I've got some funky watches to be fair,

whether they're rose gold, gold, steel,

kind of mix and match it with anything.

I don't specifically match a color with an outfit.

If I like the watch I'll just wear the watch.

Something I can't live without, for sure.

Obviously with what I'm doing as a profession,

I need to dip into it every time after training,

after games and obviously whilst I'm at home as well

so I need this, I need this on me every day.

[Director] What are you carrying inside?

Oh no, shall I open it?

[Director] Yeah.

This ain't good.

I dunno why I've even got this.

It's like my mum's, purple,

look how bad at that is, hairbrush. [laughing]

Oh but this ain't recorded is it?

Is this recorded?

[Director] Which will be the one item you keep?

It would have to be my aftershave.

It would have to be, it's so nice, such a nice smell.

And I'm a big, big fan of aftershave

so I feel like this is an essential item in my wash bag

because of course you wanna smell good.

[Director] What's your grooming routine

before going to a football match?

I used to do my hair and everything in the hotel

before we'd travel to a match.

And then one of the games last season

at the start of the season, I'd left my hair

because I started to wear a hat a little bit more.

So I started to do my hair at games

and then it's kind of been like a little bit of a ritual

for me now just to do it in the sink in the changing room.

So for me, I always get to the stadium,

do what I need to do and then about 20 minutes

before I go out, I'll go in and do my hair.

PlayStation controller, of course, Fifa.

That's the main one, that gets really competitive.

Ultimate team's my main one.

I like to go on there,

I like to put some money into it.

Just the excitement of opening packs, opening players,

building your team.

It's exciting, you know,

and you get to play against other players' teams.

The beauty of being a footballer,

you get your own player card

which is like 99 rated in everything.

So when you're coming up against someone else,

they know it's you playing.

So if you lose sometimes and your rage quit, it's not good

'cause you'll get a message like, I've just beat you.

But yeah, no, ultimate team's the main one for me

when I play Fifa.

The best player at West Ham is Jarrod Bowen by far.

He plays every weekend thing called Weekend League.

He's so good.

The worst, I'm gonna have to say Michail Antonio,

he thinks he's good but I've beat him a couple times.

He's really competitive, a lot of talk

but I'm gonna have to say he's the worst.

I'm a massive trainer collector.

I recently got a pair of the Virg Abloh Air Forces

Louis Vuitton collab, but I've not worn them yet.

I don't think I'm gonna ever wear them

to be honest with you.

They're in a nice box, they're so special,

obviously because he passed away

so I don't think I'm gonna wear them at all.

I think I'm gonna keep them fresh

and I think that'd be my only pair that I will never wear.

[Director] What's your style tips on trainers?

Like this, you couldn't wear these with a suit,

in my opinion.

Nice pair of trousers or a nice track suit

you can wear these with.

I feel like with more chunkier trainers

is which I've more kind of gotten into

over the last one or two years,

I like to wear them with a baggier oversized jean

just because they sit nicer on top of the shoe.

I feel like with these you couldn't really wear

skinny jeans with them.

You just look too, I can't explain it,

it just wouldn't look good for me.

The beauty of golf is there's so many different shots

you can play and you're constantly learning.

It's just such a special sport

and it's somewhere where I can go

and switch off away from a football pitch somewhere.

I can socialize with my friends,

with my dad, with my brothers, have fun, be competitive,

try to get better at,

there's just so many things that I love about golf

and last couple of years I've really took it on

and yeah, I've really enjoyed playing golf.

I try to play as much as possible.

[Director] What's your handicap?

Playing off 12 currently,

which is actually very good, for me anyway.

Two years ago I wasn't even playing on a golf course.

I used to go up the range and I used to go

and have a laugh with my friends.

When I first started playing I was off about 24

but now I've come down to 12.

So I'm really enjoying my golf, but I'm competitive

so I'm trying to get to single figures now.

I'd have to say the person that always beats me

is probably always my dad.

As frustrating as it is, we're probably the same,

yeah, we are the same handicap.

He is just a typical old golfer, hits it low

but hits it straight and not very far,

but is just very good at getting around the golf course

and I like to try and play aggressive

so that's why he always beats me and he always winds me up

about it which isn't good.

And also someone I always beat is my brother, Jordan.

He's a cheat.

He loves to cheat on the golf course.

He's one of them.

He'll hit it into the woods, says he can't find his ball

and I'll see him dropping the ball to say he's found it.

He's one of them ones.

I always wind him up about it to be fair.

But he's also a very good golfer,

but he's not better than me.

That was it.

Thank you for watching.

Hope you enjoy.

Starring: Declan Rice