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10 Things Andrew Garfield Can’t Live Without

Andrew Garfield joins British GQ in 10 Essentials. Andrew Garfield breaks down his 10 essential items: from his Butterfly table tennis paddle to his Weleda Skin Food moisturiser. Watch the full episode of 10 Essentials with Andrew Garfield, as the English-American actor reveals 10 things he can’t live without.

Released on 11/28/2022


And you know, cut to..

We're married.

The mother of my children.

That's not true.

We had a really good time together.

Little did you know I was on hallucinogens.

I'm Andrew Garfield.

These are my 10 essential cool things.

[soft hip hop music]

Oh God, you wanna start with the ring?

This is a really sentimental symbol

that is in memory of my mother

with a little bunny rabbit engraved.

I've only worn it once

to the Oscars

because for the first time I was nominated for an Oscar,

she was there with me with my dad

and she passed away a couple of years ago

and she wasn't able to come with us.

And I wanted something with me

so that she could have some physical, symbolic presence.

She was someone that could find beauty and meaning

in this most invisible, diminutive things.

And I think she always identified

with something in the rabbit.

She would fantasize about becoming a rabbit

and hanging out with the rabbits

that are the bottom of our garden.

And maybe some days she does get to go

and just kind of hang out down there

with her rabbit folk, maybe.

[soft hip hop music]

Now I dunno if anyone knows Vlaad Chvátil

who created Codenames.


But it's a great game that I got

into about five or six years ago and like

so whenever me and a certain group of friends are together

we will make sure that this happens.

And it's just a really fun, fun time.

And Bananagrams, you know,

it's Bananagrams

and you can play on your own I discovered,

which is a sad state of affairs.

But I've done it a few times on a flight.

I remember.

Now this is a story that maybe I shouldn't tell.


Cause usually on a flight I keep to myself.

But for this trip I think I microdosed

I did a little bit of mushrooms

and it took away a kind of layer of

self consciousness or shyness.

And I just started playing Bananagrams on my own

on my little pullout table.

And I ended up asking the person next to me

if she wanted to play.

And we had this really wonderful long game

of Bananagrams and you know, cut to

we are married


and the mother of my children.

That's not true.

But it was a really, really nice flight.

We had a really good time together.

Little did you know, I was on hallucinogens

so she was getting a very specific version

of me in real life.

Real life.

What is real life Vlaad Chvátil?

You tell us.

[soft hip hop music]

This is self-explanatory.

I feel, I feel like everyone has their own

$150 ping pong paddle.


This is my luxury item on my Desert Island Discs.

Just playing ping pong on my own wherever I am.

I never thought I would be someone who

owns the own ping-pong paddle.

But look it, it's just beautiful.

It's like, it's absolutely beautiful.

And now when I play my friends in a casual game,

there is no such thing as a casual game of ping pong.

I always have the upper hand with my T-mobile blade.


I mean like, is it essential?

Yes, the answer is yes.

No, absolutely not.

But it does make me feel happy to be alive.


[soft hip hop music]

Granola generally is like the favorite part of my day.

This one is Farmers.

Farmers We Know,

you know, I like this one a lot.

It's like a morning ritual.

I'll sit in my favorite chair,

I'll look out my window

I'll eat my granola with raspberries and blueberries

and some 2% milk.

It used to be yogurt

but then I got food poisoning from my yogurt

and then I just decided I don't wanna deal with that again.

And then I'll have my coffee and I'll just...

I'll think or I'll write

and I'll just kind of...

it's like sort of like beautiful solitude.

[hip hop music]

So this is a beauty.

This is what something I'm riding at the moment.

Can you see me still?

I don't know.

It's hard to do this sat down

This is something that I've been riding

and it's just elegantly beautiful.

I keep this one in my bedroom like,

you know what I mean?

Like this one sleeps next to me.

I think like surfboards are pieces of art onto themselves.

And when you catch a wave and you ride it,

you feel like you're riding the wind

and you do make stupid sounds.


To have the time and the space

to be able to pursue something just

for the sake of doing it,

I feel very grateful for.

And that is essential.

We do need those things

that are for no one else but for ourselves

and for our own growth and spirit

and connection to reality.

[hip hop music]

This is a necklace with a compass on it.

My closest friends gave this to me

in a period of time where I needed to trust the direction

I was going even if I didn't know where I was going.

And it was again

during the time where

going through a terrible loss

there was something about the void that that created

and the remarkable things that started to slowly

fill the void of that kind of loss.

And one of them was friendship.

And this definitely is a symbol

of that kind of invisible net of friendship I suppose.

And yeah, the compass is, I don't know

it's a reminder maybe that the more lost you are the more

of an adventure you're on.

And also maybe that's when you're into your true walkabout

and you're gonna find things that you wouldn't

have dreamed you would find.

My friendships are essential.

And this is a little symbol

of some of the deep friendships in my life.

[soft hip hop music]

Yeah, books.

These are just like some things I'm reading right now

cuz I've been kind of nomadic a lot of my life.

For a good 15 to 20 years.

I was just kind of like,

and I would have one suitcase with clothes

and I would have another smaller suitcase

with hard copy books.

Some of them got read and some of them didn't.

But it was more just like a feeling of home with me

wherever I was going.

I start to get a bit anxious

if I don't have literature and great stories

with me in some way.

And I have my iPad and I download,

but there's something about

I don't know, is this is, you know, it's not like theater.

This is not going anywhere.

And you know, we have A Time as a Mother

and it's a series of poems and essays

and Alan Watts always, you know like get to get existential.

And remember the smallness of our own individual egos

with Alan Watts.

That's really exciting.

This is a guy called Wade Davis

who's was a National Geographic explorer

and this is him going into lots of indigenous cultures

around the world

and looking at our original human wisdom

and how it can apply to our meaninglessness

in today's world.

You know, this kind of like creative stimulation

and life stimulation that feels essential to me.

[soft hip hop music]

This is a Carver skateboard.

There's a specific thing that the Carver skateboard does

and it's the front truck has this weird ability to

twist as well as go side to side.

I think is meant to kind of simulate more

of an ability to carve out long lines

that you would carve out while you're surfing.

And surfing has become a really essential part of my life.

It's one of the most kind of beautiful activities

I think a human being can attempt to master and even try.

So this is a cool invention really

because waves are few and far between.

So when you finally catch that wave

you wanna be able to have fun.

And this contraption enables you on dry land

to get that rhythm

so that by the time you manage to catch

the one wave you might catch in a session,

you're ready to commune.

You're ready to have your spiritual moment

with this mysterious thing that's appeared

in the magnificent ocean.

[soft hip hop music]

Dark chocolate generally is really a way for me

to kind of satiate an addiction

without feeling really awful about myself.

I grew up with Aero, Wispas and Twixes

and we have to stop that at some point

because the body just can't deal with it.

So, enter stage left, Alter Eco

and enter stage right, Hu.

This is a daily thing.

Like I will eat one of these a day.

I don't want to live in this world

if I don't get to deal with these brands,

these specific brands of dark chocolate

and specifically these flavors

the Quinoa Crunch gets me

and the Vanilla Crunch gets me.

[hip hop music]

So I feel like I'm like


I don't wanna sell stuff to people.

But I did, like when I was thinking about these things,

I was thinking, you know, ethical brands

and as far as I know, Weleda

are pretty good with that stuff.


And it's just like really

it's like jumping outta my hand

cuz it's like the universe saying

[Voice Over] Don't sell products

Minnie Driver always also likes Weleda.

That's a little tidbit.

We're buddies and we live nearby to each other.

And you know, she came over,

a cup of tea,

she used the toilet.

Is this a fucking great Hollywood story for you?

She came outta the toilet going,

Weleda, and I was like, yeah.

And she said, I love that you love Weleda

And I was like, me too.

Isn't it great?

And that was that.

And thank you so much for watching.

These have been and still will be for the time being

my 10 essentials.

Starring: Andrew Garfield